Zilli summer 2013

Ready-to-wear, accessories, custom, glasses

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Zilli perpetuates craft and knows how to renew

Expertise, experience and innovation

ZILLI’s savoir-faire is synonymous with highly advanced techniques, an expertise that perpetuates traditional craftsmanship whilst moving with the times. Some of the most exceptional leathers and fabrics come to life in the hands of our craftsmen. The result is embroidery on leather or silk, fabric insets and other exquisite finishes, all created entirely by hand. ZILLI works mainly with ultra-fine calfskin and lambskin suede, but also with exotic animal skins such as peccary, python, and crocodile, all requiring specific expertise.
In our “atelier” in Lyon, our craftsmen are continually developing new techniques. When carefully worked and softened, crocodile leathers drape almost as beautifully as fabrics. Chinchilla cashmere combines a glossy finish with a unique feeling of softness. The 7-pleat tie is protected by a patent.


ZILLI: In 1970, in Lyon, Alain Schimel met Teofilo Zilli, an Italian tailor. The ambitious young entrepreneur fell in love with the beautiful leatherwork of this tailor and created the ZILLI House. Driven by Alain Schimel and his wife Roberta, the workshop in Lyon was expanded, new markets were captured, new creations developed. ZILLI started to represent luxury sporty chic with a single desire: to remain faithful to the culture of quality. This heritage is ceaselessly present today in all the workshops.
Every day, we aim to turn our clients’ dreams into reality, with the ethic that anything is possible. It is our obsession with quality, inherent in all our workshops from leather goods to knitwear, from eyewear to pieces of jewellery, that has forged the ZILLI spirit. Originality, Audacity, Hedonism, Excellence and Sustainability are our core values.

Specific Metiers

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Working with leathers and furs is right at the heart of ZILLI’s profession. From the selection process right through to adding the haute couture finishing touches, these exclusive materials require a rare form of expertise that our experienced artisans have perfected over the years. International development has led to new lines being created: shirts and made-to-measure shirts, suits, knitwear, jeans, shoes, ties, leather goods, luggage, jewellery and eyewear etc. In addition to ZILLI’s designs, we offer a service dedicated to creating personalised projects or special orders.

Jewellery Collection 2013

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With a range of forty-four models, the new collection of ZILLI cufflinks once again offers a dazzling display of jewellery. Audaciously associating 18-carat yellow, rose and white gold with gemstones and precious stones, this collection adds a touch of elegance to any occasion. Punctuated by delicate settings, colourful combinations satisfy contemporary tastes. Concentric circles or cluster stripes carved in gold accentuate the depth of a sapphire cabochon. One model boasts coloured borders (black, red and gold), another a letter rimmed with mother-of-pearl – matching belt buckle available. Adorned with gold, iridescent red or deep blue enamel is decorated with rubies or sapphire, an echo of magical underwater fauna. Similar to chrysoprase, a peridot captured in white gold is associated with mother-of-pearl for maximum effect, like carnelian matched with rock crystals. To accessorize eveningwear, curved models play with magnetic contrasts: corolla paved with diamonds on navy blue enamel, a diamond core given prominence by a circle of sapphires, a diamante arch on black onyx or mauve pearls mounted on diamonds. Distinctive quadrangles appear in guilloched gold tri-lobed models, looking like emblazoned seals. Worked in delicately curves, white gold is enhanced with tone-for-tone geometric mosaics – a spectacular model contains 128 black diamonds –, diamonds and sapphires or black and white diamonds. Black diamonds in an architectural frieze sit on a white gold bar; another version is pretty in rose gold with vertical guilloches accentuating a sapphire cabochon, and a sumptuous semi-sphere in white gold, onyx and diamonds. Irresistibly sensual with intertwining links, black diamonds bring to mind a jeweller’s bracelet. In this first collection of seven models, ZILLI has created a set of bracelets co-ordinated with precious stones: green with emerald, red with rubies, blue with sapphires, violet with amethyst and black with diamonds. Jewelled clasps and virtuoso meshing are the signatures of timeless masculine jewellery…
In keeping with this refinement, pens are the summit of elegance in yellow or white guilloche gold adorned with a diamond-encrusted clip and cap, repeated on the central ring where the Lion guilloche emphasizes the purity of a nib in solid gold with grooved sides. The black crocodile cigar holder is on hand to complement this exclusive club of elegantly luxurious accessories.

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