Waterloo City City Waterloo

The Waterloo and City Line

Waterloo City

Leanne Shapton brings her style to the experience of commuting

In Waterloo-City, City-Waterloo, Leanne Shapton creates an authorly and artistic  response to the Waterloo and City line’s particular length and those who travel on it.  Shapton observes the particularities of the line’s rush-hour passengers and imagines a  number of their interior monologs, in both verbal and visual detail. The variety of  commuters ruminations and obsessions result in a detailed and illustrated breakdown of the  line’s distance and time – its brevity, its passage between only two stations, its  existence as almost primarily a shuttle for office workers going between their homes and  the business district of the City. The layout of the book reflects the two stops on the  line, one half of the book representing the Waterloo-City outgoing journey, and the second  half, the City-Waterloo return voyage.
‘Scowling, arms folded, overstuffed backpack between feet. Large pearls, suede studded ballet flats, faded lipstick. Navy suit, white shirt, no tie, perspiring. Blue tent dress, large breasts, scrolling iphone : Baby pictures. Fleur de lys tie, direct eye contact, Zara Home bag. Black trousers, carrying cup of carrots and celery’
Leanne Shapton is an artist, illustrator, and writer who was born in Toronto and lives in New York. She is the author of Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry. Her latest book, Swimming Studies, is published July 2012.

Author : Leanne Shapton
Pub date : March, 2013
ISBN : 9781846146916
Price : £4.99
Format : A format pb
Extent :160pp
Territory : 1W