The limits of truth – Ben

Based on a proposal by Ben Vautier, La Fondation du Doute  :

At that time, Ben wrote: « the truth will change art ».

By establishing the Worlwide Centre for Questioning at the Doubt Foundation in Blois, Ben initiated a vast campain to explore limits and frontiers, which is an in-depth interrogation about the future of art forms. Because it is a given that art was sucked into a huge black hole due to Marcel Ducahmp, John Cage and Fluxus, Ben maintains that all that is left for us to do today is to find other truths, other territories, and other forms. In our view, the limits of art have thus become “the limits of truth…”.

The pavilion of truths
At the Doubt Foundation, the temporary exhibition pavilion is being transformed into an ever-changing participatory environmentit is laid out to give form to questioning, and is permeated by the voices and words of the great thinkers regarding Truth – at once a participatory and entertaining space, this exhibition area is a reception hall for truths, with surround-sound sofas and whirlpools, an expression podium, works of truth, etc. For once, everyting still needs to be done and imagined here: there are no definitive works, no definitive judgments, no definitive knowledge, only spaces to be filled with truths and doubts. The viewer needs time for enhanced “reception” so that he or she can see, dream, read, understand, and be here to consider what the limits of truth may be.

Colloquium and discussions

“What are the limits of truths?” 4 and 5 December 2015
Setting out from the questioner’s perspective: the “doubter” of the Doubt Foundation queries the limits of truth history, in science, in art, in philosophy, and in every field… with the participation of artists and well known personalities in every discipline… it is a two-day programme that combines communications, artistic proposals, the inauguration of Anna Byskov’s work, a masked ball, and many other highlights.

Alongside BEN, we are launching an appeal for participation :


What are the limits of thruth in your vieuw ?
We are collecting all the hypotheses being expressed, whether via : a virtual work, some form of proof or a lie, certitude, a genuine image or one tampered with, a rumour, some contradiction or another, a misunderstanding, etc. And, of course, all those things than can accompany us to the limits of truth most effectively.
Your contribution will be published in our review, “Le Doute (“Doubt”), the 1st issue of which will be published on this occasion, and/or it will be included and displayed in the micro-gallery reserved for this purpose (2mx3m).
In tow to ten lines, your proposed contribution on the limits of truth
Should be sent to us at the following email address
or by regular mail at :
Fondation du Doute, 6 rue Franciade 41000 BLOIS France.