The Happy Chopard new fragrance collection

The Maison Chopard is delighted to present the new Happy Chopard Eau de Parfum Collection: Felicia Roses and Lemon Dulci, each a sensory ode to the joie de vivre inspired by nature’s infinite beauty

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The Happy Chopard new fragrance collection – A celebration of nature and positive emotions

Perfectly balancing ethics and aesthetics, Happy Chopard builds on Chopard’s signature Happy Diamonds, Happy Spirit and Happy Sport collections, with a new, positive and mindful take on luxury perfumery.
At the heart of the project is the creative vision of Caroline Scheufele, Co-President of Chopard. Her positive approach to life has been expressed through iconic jewellery creations, and now her “do good, feel good” brand philosophy is realised through a unique olfactory experience, with a collection of luxury scents crafted from the most uplifting and treasured natural ingredients. In-line with Chopard’s commitment with The Journey to Sustainable Luxury, with the introduction of Happy Chopard, the Maison Chopard is launching a new initiative in a visionary journey towards natural and responsible perfumery.

The olfactive philosophy nature, an everlasting source of happiness

The powerful connections between fragrance and emotion are not just the stuff of poetry. A great number of researchers and experts worldwide agree that Nature is amazingly rich in feel-good scents (citrus, green leaves, berries, flowers or spices, just to name a few), which can trigger the brain’s “happy molecules” and “good mood” chemicals. Just like a recipe for happiness, Felicia Roses and Lemon Dulci each combines a selection of precious natural ingredients and essential oils known to generate uplifting emotions through their scent.

In line with the Maison Chopard’s philosophy, at the heart of the two Eaux de Parfum are the most pristine and premium raw materials, responsibly sourced across the world through the Naturals Together™ sustainability programme.
Naturals Together™ is an international platform created by Firmenich in 2014 bringing together many of the world’s best natural ingredients artisans and suppliers, to ally excellence with social and environmental consciousness, totally in tune with Chopard’s philosophy.

The Maison Chopard has been working closely with Firmenich, the Swiss Fragrance House, to develop those extraordinary perfumes.

Thus, the new Happy Chopard fragrances unleash a sense of wellbeing that captures the positive spirit of our days: the capacity to look at life through fresh eyes, with a mantra of happiness, health and green living.

Caroline Scheufele and perfumer Dora Baghriche Happy Chopard’s inspirational happy-chic creators

The two natural, free-spirited and joyous Happy Chopard fragrances embody Caroline Scheufele‘s “happy chic” lifestyle, where passion, beauty, glamour and love meet in a joyful celebration of life.
Both fragrances bear the signature of up-and-coming perfumer Dora Baghriche, chosen by Caroline to express her fresh vision of luxury perfumery, inspired by natural ingredients and positive emotion.
Forever curious, creative and explorative, Dora selected her natural essences and blended them with innovative ingredients, composing the fragrances guided by the emotional impact of their scent.
Whimsical, light-hearted and adventurous, these creations reveal surprising combinations and a very personal signature, fully inspired by the values of a bohemian generation of young women, sensitive to the new sustainable values of luxury and positive living.

“The  Happy  Chopard Collection is all about pleasure, colour and the joy of life. In creating these perfumes, I wanted to play, have fun and feel free to explore and create in a different way…
I was instinctively drawn towards natural ingredients as a starting point, because they offer plentiful energy, spontaneity, and an immediate sense of being transported to a state of wellbeing and positive emotion.
So, I infused the fragrances with their “superpowers” and explored unusual pairings, playing with colours, and particularly with smell and taste. It allowed me to draw on the energy of natural ingredients and experiment with new and unusual forms of freshness and addiction.
It’s a little like bold vegan gastronomy; everything is so audacious and different, with crazy aesthetics and combinations or incredible colours. It’s all about finding new forms of spontaneity and ethical hedonism that make you feel good.”

The Happy Chopard Eaux De Parfum – Doing good, feeling good, naturally

Lemon Dulci, an overflowing burst of life
Lemon Dulci delivers an extraordinarily uplifting “shot” of powerful citrus and leaf energy. Top notes showcase premium-quality citrus essential oils: Primofiore Lemon, Bergamot and Mandarine essences, all sourced in southern Italy through the Naturals Together™ programme. Like bottled sunshine, they stimulate joy, vivacity and wellbeing.
At the heart of the fragrance, these ingredients meet the natural vivifying notes of Ginger, Shiso Leaves and Estragon essence, in addition to energising Grasse Peppermint essential oil and Sweet Apple natural extract.
Mouthwatering aromas of Orange Flower Water and Cucumber add the finishing touch, for the most pleasing and uplifting smell-and-feel-the-taste sensation.

Olfactive universe : Floral citrus green

Felicia roses, the happiness of the heart
Once again, only responsibly sourced natural ingredients are at the heart of this composition, which signals light-heartedness and exuberance.
At the top of Felicia Roses are notes of Grapefruit essence, Pink Pepper and luscious natural Raspberry extract, nestled on a bed of Blackcurrant Buds absolute.
Then, come the notes of natural Rose Buds and Bulgarian Rose absolute, whose scent is known to fill the heart with optimism and self-love.
Marvelous mood boosters, Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Tonka Bean, add the finishing touch, conferring this fragrance a very personal, round and unique signature.

Olfactive universe: Floral rose fruity

HappyChopard 3

The design two colourful jewels of natural beauty

Caroline Scheufele has drawn her inspiration from the beauty of nature in order to realise her most renowned jewellery creations.
Now, her magic touch has given life to two jewelled bottles whose design recalls the cut of precious and colourful gems, evoking the natural ingredients and sparkling fragrances of Lemon Dulci and Felicia Roses.
The beautiful colour associations between bottle and cap, both entirely made of premium-quality noble glass, reflect the richness of Chopard’s jewellery creations and signal the luxury of the fragrance inside.

The advertising campaign nature through the lens of a new generation

The Happy Chopard advertising campaign reflects the natural and free-spirited attitude of new generations across the world.
Looking at happiness as a deep value that comes from an inner balance between feeling good and doing good, Chopard offers a prism through which to discover the world in a new light.The perfume is at the centre of the story; a precious gem.

The bottle acts as a multi-faceted frame through which unseen perspectives are revealed. This is where beauty meets nature, and glamour meets green.
Andreea Diaconu, one of the most in-demand models of the moment, is the face of this Happy Chopard’s digital, video and press campaign, where nature and a bohemian chic lifestyle find a sublime and emotional equilibrium. All values embodying that “bohemian”, joyful lifestyle so treasured by Caroline Scheufele.

Andreea Diaconu

Aged 26, of Romanian origin, Andreea has walked the runway for the most important Haute Couture Brands, before becoming the new face of Happy Chopard. Highly environmentally conscious, she is committed to supporting many philanthropic organisations working to safeguard nature and our oceans, in addition to supporting human rights organisations.

This makes Andreea the perfect ambassador of values that chime with those of Chopard: positivity, respect, and love for our planet and the people who share it.




Suggested retail prices (base market):
Eau de parfum 40ml at 69€
Eau de parfum 100ml at 125€



Dora Baghriche, Perfumer

Dora Baghriche’s first love was writing. She dreamed of becoming an international reporter before she fell in love with perfume and perfumery. Both her grandmothers were pastry chefs and she devlopped a passionate relationship with food thanks to their influence. Her first fragrance memories during her childhood are full of the scents of pine nut cream, cinnamon treats and almonds.

Forever curious, Dora’s inquisitive mind has always pushed her toward discovery which is why she has often uncovered unknown artists with remarkable talent. Many of her friends are musicians, filmmakers, actors from a wealth of creative backgrounds. Her own experiences are equally varied, from the Mediterranean maquis to the Asian countryside, via New York City, an environment that inspired and helped her discover a great deal when she lived there. Italy is also a significant part of her life: “Italy is a country, a language and a culture that resonates with me.” she says.

Very independent, she is comfortable travelling alone, and admits she gets a certain pleasure from it. It has magical moments that are no doubt similar to those she experiences when she creates a new fragrance. In both cases, she isolates herself to think and find the right angle. I envelop the questions the destination inspires, allow them to become personal and then capture them in my journal; a wealth of complex, multi-faceted specifications. It is in this little book that she reconnects with her literary roots. Dora writes everything down, from descriptions to inspirations.
Dora likes to say that she works with perfume. It is her ally, opening up a field of infinite emotional possibilities. From each creation, each collaboration, derives a little magic.