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The first tailoring service for armoured dog coats

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VeryFirstTo exclusively offers the world’s first dog tailoring service, courtesy of UK company Doggy Armour.

Whether you wish to visit Doggy Armour’s premises, or prefer a home visit (wherever in the world it may be) you can be assured that your precious pooch will not only have an elegant and perfect fitting garment, but one which will provide effective protection.

Not only does the Tailor-Made Doggy Armour offer protection for man’s best friend from being savaged by other dogs, but it also helps offer some protection from a knife attack.
The Tailor-Made Doggy Armour service provides a selection of outer fabrics in 5 colours, however, customers also have the option of providing their own choice of material. This enables owners and their dogs to have matching coats. There is also an option for the coats to be embedded with jewels as well as a bespoke monogram.

Owners can bring their dogs to Doggy Armour’s Essex based premises where fabric will be chosen and measurements taken. The coat is then made, usually within a fortnight, and the client returns for a final fitting where the machinist is on standby for any minor alterations. A Doggy Armour taxi collection and return service is also available.
Alternatively, VeryFirstTo recommends the home tailoring service that is available globally. This supreme bespoke offering consists of an initial consultation with the Doggy Armour tailor who also takes the client’s measurements, and a follow-up fitting where the machinist is also in attendance to make any final adjustments.

Doggy Armour is already being tested by police dogs. The coat is made from state of the art military grade materials, providing bite protection, slash resistance and spike defence, all in a jacket weighing from 220 grams. The tough resilience of the coats is thanks to a specialist technique used in the manufacturing process resulting in a fabric with outstanding mechanical qualities. The process was initially conceived and designed for the military where toughness and durability is imperative.

Tailor-Made Doggy Armour commences at $215/ £175/ €200 and increases depending upon size of dog. Taxi and home tailoring service costs depend upon location of home.

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Each coat contains:
– reflective strip
– official Doggy Armour badge
– waterproof tough outer fabric
– easy lead connection (option for collar hole or lead attachment)
– strong Velcro under belly and neck strap (under body armour available on request)
– armoured collar
– main body armour
– breathable soft inner fabric (acting as a cooler when wet or warm)

Doggy Armour
‘The coats made by Doggy Armour are similar to that of stab proof jackets. We have used the latest super tough fabrics to reduce the potential impact of another dog’s teeth whilst keeping the jacket as light as possible. The coats offer body and neck protection (under body armour available on request), are fully waterproof and also breathable. It is, to our knowledge, the toughest domestic dog jacket available.’
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