Romanov dynasty exhibition

The first Romanov Tsars in Moscow State Historical Museum March 21 throught June 30, 2013

Romanov-dynasty-1 Romanov-dynasty-2

On the anniversary of coronation of Mikhail Romanov, the first of the Romanov house, the Historical Museum together with Russian

And foreign museums and archives exhibits outstanding monuments of the epoch that played an important role in the Russian history. After the Time of Troubles that brought the country to ruin in the early 17th century, the founder of a new dynasty was elected to the Russian throne by the “council of all the land”. With the first Romanovs at the helm, the Russian medieval period was completed and the country was on the eve of future reformations.

Exhibition activities of the State Historical Museum

The State Historical Museum considers, as the main objective of the exhibition activities, the development and enrichment of the historical memory of visitors and the general public through a display of various monuments documenting the most significant events and facts of Russian history and culture. To represent the full diversity of cultural heritage, on the one hand, and to show particular kinds of museum objects and collections of Russian peoples’ material and spiritual culture, including little-known or undeservingly forgotten events, facts, persons of Russian history, on the other hand, are tasks of the same importance.
The museum supposes that its participation in the anniversary, historical and cultural programs of the regional, national and international scale is important on principle. Consequently, a thematic structure of the SHM’s exhibition activities is formed; its chronological range covers the history of Russia since ancient times to the 21st century.
The SHM’s exhibition programs include major historical and historical-and-cultural projects, cycles of exhibitions having a common concept, exhibitions related to the historical and church problems, exhibitions of the collectibles, exhibitions with the support and participation of foreign partners, exhibitions in the framework of museums’ exchanges.
Traditionally the SHM organizes exhibitions in regional museums. They are of full size and valuable by the composition of exhibits. The SHM participates in international cultural programs with independent exhibition projects and particular monuments. The SHM’s exhibitions are accompanied by publishing, advertising and souvenir products made in the same designer style.
Expo-projects are realized by a creative union of scientists, leading artists and designers in collaboration with professional performing firms.
The State Historical Museum is open for cooperation in the field of exhibition activities with Russian and foreign museum partners and organizations to create a comprehensive program of new exhibition projects.
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Mon, wed, thu, fri, sat: from 10 a.m. To 6 p.m., ticket office is open till 5 p.m.
Sun: from 11 a.m. To 8 p.m., ticket office is open till 7 p.m.
New exhibition hall: from 11 a.m. To 7 p.m., ticket office is open till 6 p.m.
Day off : Tuesday, first Monday of each month
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