New fragrance – Les Sables Roses – Louis Vuitton

Les Sables Roses, a new fragrance that celebrates the perfume culture of the Middle East

Les sables roses LV
Les Sables Roses © Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has unveiled a new fragrance trail with Les Sables Roses, a tribute to the perfume culture of the Middle East

This latest addition to Louis Vuitton’s fragrance journey brings together rose, oud and ambergris in a vibrant and contrasting composition.

The Middle East has a rich perfume culture with ancestral rites and traditions that stretch back over thousands of years, offering Louis Vuitton and its Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud a limitless source of inspiration. Following a first interpretation with Ombre Nomade, the Maison now continues the journey with a new fragrance called Les Sables Roses.

An ode to the magic of the desert, Les Sables Roses evokes the spellbinding moment in time at daybreak when the first rays of sunlight bathe the landscape in a shade of rose that blends dunes and sky. Between night and day, shadow and light, cold and heat, this instant reconciles contrasts. To capture this duality in the new Louis Vuitton fragrance, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud created a composition that celebrates rose, oud and ambergris.

The Master Perfumer orchestrated a harmony of contrast by selecting the finest raw materials. Rose and oud share a beauty of their natural scent that resides in complexity. A rare ingredient, ambergris, elevates the subtlety of the two scents, creating an equilibrium between the sensual freshness of the rose and the woody depth of oud.

The result is a lively, sensual trail in its own right that at the same time invites layering of different perfumes, a time-honored concept in the Middle East. The tradition of layering allows people to personalize their perfume buy combining two different scents. Les Sables Roses can for example be worn with Ombre Nomade for an even more distinctive olfactory journey.

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