Louis vuitton travel books

Louis Vuitton publishes a new collection of travel books


A new and original approach of travel books so mewhere between the travel journal and the sketch book

This collection is launche d with four titles : Easter Island by Daniel Arsham, Lon don by Natsko Seki , Paris by Chéri Samba and New York by Jean-Philippe Delhomme.
The Louis Vuitton “Travel Book” collection is an invitation to real and virtual journeys, enriched by intellectual stimulation and poignant moments. In its pages, the illustrations of renowned artists and promising young talents tell the stories of the cities and countries they have visited, depicting each place’s varied architecture and special light, and recording the passing days and the lives of its people.
Heirs of the Louis Vuitton “Carnets de Voyage” collection, which for nearly twenty years captured the urban adventures of a few illustrators and watercolorists, the “Travel Books” offer a new, contemporary vision of travel, exploring both remote wildernesses and cities that never sleep. This fresh approach dares to examine different cultures through the eyes of artists who are unfamiliar with them.
The Congolese artist Chéri Samba shows us Paris; the American Daniel Arsham, Easter Island; the Frenchman Jean‑Philippe Delhomme, New York; and the young Japanese illustrator Natsko Seki, London.
Each artist confronts an unfamiliar place with a viewpoint sharpened by the surprise of the unknown or stimulated by the pleasure of rediscovery. This vision of a place as a blank, unlined page inspires incisive commentaries that may be narrative, affectionate, satirical or picturesque.
Going beyond the pictorial vocation of these travel journals, the collection highlights the rich aesthetic horizons of today’s art. The creative worlds on show are highly diverse: during their travels, these artists from various corners of the world were free to choose their mode of expression and communicated their views of other places through drawing, painting, collage, contemporary art, illustration, cartoons or manga. Some of the original works born of these journeys, whether figurative or more allusive, have been acquired by Louis Vuitton and will join the collection of contemporary art being put together by the house, enriching it with the diversity of viewpoints represented.
Each year, new destinations and new titles will be added to this collection. After Easter Island, London,
New York and Paris, you will discover Venice through the drawings of manga artist Jiro Taniguchi, as well as Vietnam seen by Italian comic books author Lorenzo Mattotti.
For each new title, a numbered and signed limited edition will be available in selected Louis Vuitton stores.
From may 2013, you will discover all the artists’ interviews on louisvuitton.com

Daniel Arsham Easter Island, Natsko Seki London, Jean-Philippe Delhomme NewYork, Chéri Samba PARIS
Bilingual edition: artist’s biography, blurbs, captions. 100 to 120 exclusive drawings per book.
Landscape format : 28 x 19 cm – 11 x 7,5 inch.
Six colors printing, Arctic Volume Ivory paper 150g, silkscreened, cloth binding, bookmark. 45€ €
This book was set in Futura T, a typeface designed by Paul Renner in 1932 and distributed by Linotype (Germany).
Printed in Italy
On sale in Louis Vuitton stores, selected bookshops and on louisvuitton.com
© Louis Vuitton Malletier
After the famous « City Guides », Louis Vuitton publishes in May a new collection of books entitled: « Louis Vuitton Travel Book ».
Released in may 2013
L-V-2 L-V-3
ISBN : 978-2-917781-71-5
152 pages
L-V-4 L-V 5
ISBN : 978-2-917781-69-2
158 pages
L-V-7 L-V-6
ISBN : 978-2-917781-70-8
168 pages
L-V-9 L-V-8
ISBN : 978-2-917781-68-5
160 pages
Released in 2014