Kandinsky and Russia exhibition

The Fine Arts show themselves in their best light

Wassily Kandinsky, black spot 1912 ©The state Russian Museum Saint-Petersburg

Brussel shows the exhibition / event Kandinsky & Russia from 8 march up to 30 june 2013

You can come and admire more than 150 works of art at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium.
Among these works of art: about fifty paintings of Wassily Kandinsky (Moscow 1866 – Neuilly-sur-Seine 1944), next to some popular art works and paintings of Larionov and Malévitch.
All works come from very renowned Russian museums such as the Russian Museum of Saint Petersburg.
After 100 years, Kandinsky returns to Belgium! In May 1913, he exhibited at the Georges Giroux Gallery, now gone but at the time a Brussels cultural hotspot. The paintings and works of art that can now be seen at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium take you back to the Russia of the 1901 – 1922 period: from symbolism to avant-garde. A truly wonderful journey …
The exhibition « Kandinsky & Russia » is subdivided in four separate parts with the following suggestive titles: «Experiencing the art of painting», «Listening to the art of painting», «Amidst nature» and «Kandinsky and mythology». It is the first time that this collection of 150 works is shown in Belgium. It shows the artistic and intellectual complexity of a true genius who drew inspiration at the same time from the Russian symbolist movement, Greek culture, German metaphysics, orthodox spirituality and esotericism.

A multifaceted genius

Wassily Kandinsky is one of the most influential painters of the 20th century. As the founding father of abstract art, he evolves, travelling from Munich to Paris with stops in Moscow and Berlin, from expressionism to surrealism without ever renouncing his Russian roots. In 1911, he paints “Painting with circle”, the very first abstract work of art in history. With this painting, he mixes up the whole conception of art. This artist of Russian origin, who first becomes a naturalised German, then a Frenchman, is an extremely multifaceted genius. He leaves behind an impressive oeuvre: more than 2,500 paintings, gouaches and aquarelles, but also prints, poetry, stage plays, philosophical essays, theoretical writings, …

Kandinsky is a very cultivated man. He studies law and economics at the University of Moscow before, relatively late at the age of 30, commencing his painting studies. The Russian artist develops a very colourful art of painting combining myth and fairy tales, impressions and observations, literature and music.

Abstract art is greatly influenced by music. This form of art, abstract by nature, isn’t about showing the outside world as it is but merely wants to express in a direct manner the inner feelings of the human soul. By the way, Kandinsky uses himself musical terms to denominate his own works. He qualifies them as “improvisations” whenever they are spontaneous or as “compositions” whenever they are more elaborate. The exposition “Kandinsky & Russia” highlights the musicality of the art of painting, which will more and more take over the role of the pure object.

Information for the public

The exhibition takes place from 08 March to 30 June 2013 at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, 3 rue de la Regence in 1000 Brussels.
It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 18:30
(last entry at 17h), with Wednesday night from 18h30 to 20h00
(last admission 18:30).
Closed on May 1.
Tickets are already on sale on www.yetix.be
Phone +32(0)900.80.900
For the duration of the exhibition, they are also on site, 3 rue de la Regence in Brussels in 1000.
Reservations are required for groups, schools, businesses and associations as well as tours and creative workshops.
By mail: reservation@fine-arts-museum.be
By phone: +32(0)2.508.33.33.
Estimated time of the visit: 1h30.
For more information: www.expo-kandinsky.be