Wellness Magnetic Jewellery and Accessories

Energetix uk

Energetix  Wellness – an international take on design and effect

The power of colour and magnetism infuses our Frankfurt offices once more.
Here, Petra Döring and an international creative team (see above) design the range of quality jewellery paying a high degree of attention to detail. Since its beginnings in 1999, Energetix Wellness has gathered a following of over eight million satisfied customers.

Always stay flexible ! – The Flexi collection from Energetix Wellness

Breathtaking effect on a continuous band – our flexible bracelets. Our flexible bracelets and rings move with you! Individual pieces, with a perfect fit. Beautiful and comfortable at the same time – effective in any situation.

 Coloured rings

Striking colours and magnets have one thing in common – their effect. Colours, just like people, have characteristic attributes. ENERGETIX Wellness combines the effect of your  favourite colour with the effect of this magnetic jewellery collection. Let this unique combination have its effect on you !