Garel and Garel

Exhibition  father and son together for a great show  February 22 – April 10, 2014 Gallery Forni  Bologna Italia

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Philippe and  Quentin Garel

Quentin Garel was born in 1975 in Paris, where he currently lives and works on commissions of great prestige.

Internationally recognized for his talent, he has completed a degree at the Advanced National School of Fine Arts of Paris, received a scholarship at the Art Institute of Chicago and had a two year residency at the Velasquez House in Madrid (a branch of the FrenchAcademy for a further degree).

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Quentin Garel

An installation of three great iron sculptures, commissioned by the Region, was inaugurated in the Parc  Chemin de L’Isle, outside of Paris, in October 2005. The largest piece measures 6 meters in length. Another sculptural group was inaugurated in June 2009. A sort of enormous fountain inside of Parc des Géants in the city of Lille in France, it is an immense “vegetable wall” that measures 30 meters in length and 2 meters in height. Twenty-eight animal heads, made of iron, emerge from the wall and spray water inside of a wide circuit of bathtubs. Animals and related creatures are protagonists that are commonly featured in the work of Quentin Garel. He is currently in the design phase of a project that involves creating a large sculptural group in the popular district of La Défense in Paris

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Philippe Garel
Gallery Forni Via Farini, 26 – Bologna -Italia
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