Floris – London

By request limited edition “Fumée de Jasmin”


  -    

Exploring the relationship between the scented air imbued by the scents filling the air and the delicately smoky environment of our original perfume workshop, where for two centuries until the 1970s, all floris fragrance was created and poured. The area, two floors below the Jermyn Street shop is a vaulted cellar the family lovingly refer to as the ‘mine’ due to the long periods of time the family would spend day after day crafting perfume and experimenting with new ingredients in this subterranean studio.

Fumée de Jasmin, a masculine woody floral fragrance takes inspiration from a day imagined in the mine in the 19th century and what we might have expected to find in the air present in this space. Batches of blended florals built up over the previous century, merging with notes of the earthy Victorian brickwork arches and Spanish mahogany cabinets.

The new fragrance, is born out of a very simple accord between jasmine and cedarwood, the core of this story. Two key ingredients imagined at the end of a day after the blending of a batch of Night Scented Jasmine by our ancestors, all mixing with the smoking stove keeping the cellar warm.
The jasmine and cedarwood accord combine then with other scents which we would find at the time lingering in the air, in particular a quintessential English ingredient, lavender which freshens the top notes, while resins of Middle Eastern trees and exotic, notes of black pepper and tobacco all play a part. The smokiness of the stove has been imagined through the inclusion of carnation in the heart of the fragrance.

Fumee de Jasmine

Family anecdote

Referring to our original recipe books from the period the early 19th century we found them to be dominated first and foremost by flowers as our family were attempting to recreate the wonderful fragrance of nature. In February 2015 we-reopened the mine for exploration and during that time came across a pallet of old ingredient bottles from as fas back as the early 20th century. One such bottle that struck us was a beautiful cask of jasmine that after all this time and decades of dust still held onto its clearly defined scent. These items are now on display to the public in the museum at the rear of the 89 Jermyn Street Shop.