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Dance with Repetto

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The essence of freedom

Drawing from its core history, Repetto has made dance the inspiration for a beautifully choreographed new fragrance; because dance is the very essence of Repetto. The house has these same values: grace, movement, lightness… A form of purity and absolute femininity.

A true catalyst of sensations, Dance with Repetto is an olfactory ode to everything dance can be spirited and emancipating.

The very first spray releases all its liberating power, urging us let go and allow our emotions to speak.

Dance can sometimes say more than words – and today Repetto invites us to dance.

That woman, leading the dance…

Who is she, deep down ? A modern woman, without a doubt. Instinctive, driven by her enthusiasm and passions. Inspired and inspiring, enlightened and enlightening… A French woman – as utterly French as Repetto – who knows how to express all her wealth of feelings and emotions through dance.
Her graceful, pure movement is nothing other then an expression of freedom. Her energy, a declaration of life.

Contemporary composition

Just as dance constantly creates a new language, Dance with Repetto reinvents the very idea of a gourmand fragrance.

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This refined gourmand oriental has a resolutely French chic and sophistication.

“We wanted to create a contemporary gourmand fragrance for the house of Repetto, explain perfumers Nathalie Lorson, Annick Ménardo nd Olivier Cresp. We worked with two complementary sensations based on a delicious floral macaroon: the airy-light, crisp note of raspberry and flower petals, and the creamy, sensual note of heliotrope and vanilla. Crisp on the outside, meltingly soft within, like the sparkling woman of

Both smooth and lively, Dance with Repetto is a juice rich in texture and Dance with repetto 3contrast. As the ultimate Parisian delight, the crisp quality of raspberry macaroon that composes the top notes in the fragrance is underscored by the freshness and luminosity of Magnolia and Freesia.

Dance with repetto 4Then, the elegant and ultra-feminine floral middle notes appear centre-stage: smooth, powdery Heliotrope and lighter, more delicate Peony are brought together by dash of Jasmine Petals, with their assertive voluptuousness.
Added sensuality is provided by the almondy accents of Tonka Bean, which Dance with repetto 5mingle with the caramelised sweetness of Madagascar Vanilla. Meanwhile, the woody and balsamic facets of Patchouli Prisma makes this unique trail a truc olfactory signature…

Choreographic bottle

Dance with repetto

Soft curves and sculpted shimmer… Inspired by the idea of movement, the bottle gracefully evokes the sinuous silhouette of a dancer.

The finely chiselled glass seems to undulate under the light, light a draped dress twirling around the body. The pink gold lid melts into a transparent cap to accentuate the overall impression of lightness.
The very idea of dance is captured in the glass…

Breaking with the classic codes of femininity, the midnight blue box has a truly Parisian sophistication.
An unexpected colour accentuated by the pink gold shade of the famous “R”-shaped charm, as well as ridges that echo the choreography of this fantasy dancer.

Freedom of movement


Dance with repetto 6

Dance with Repetto is centre-stage in an exclusive campaign with a poetic and minimalist aesthetic.

As if enveloped in a cloud of fragrance, a dancer suddenly feels liberated by the freshness surrounding her. Her movements are magnified, her expression assertive… Barefoot and wearing only a midnight blue dress, she surrenders herself in the space to a show of pure emotion.

Two dancers from the Paris Opéra are behind this image of freedom, as Marion Barbeau performs a choreography by choreographer Sébastien Bertaud.
“For me, Dance with Repetto was a golden opportunity to go beyond classic elegance, developing a perhaps more sensual, free and engaged expression, while still being keenly felt,” he explains. “To do this, we created the choreography in water, which is an additional challenge for dancer, while also prolonging the fluidity of her movements in an incredible way, echoing the emotions that capture the performer as she dances.”

A sensual, spontaneous, unique and poetic dance, captured live by film maker Bérénice Rapegno, who created the campaign film, and the photographer Julien Vallon. A moment of grace.