Christian Lacroix

“Skyline SS15”


The inspiration for Lacroix Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 is the reference to “Skyline.”

This idea originated from the sensations of lightness and tranquility one experiences when looking at the sky whilst travelling at 30,000 feet. The focus and mood is urban wear, combining modern suiting with sportswear and knitwear. The style of the collection effortlessly features strong lines and a clean, sharp silhouette.

The colors of the collection are elegant and relaxing with shades of whites, greys, and blues, inspired by the sky. Print is introduced subtly into the collection with the use of the iconic Lacroix butterfly print made up into one graphic.

Lacroix menswear has used luxury fabrics within the collection, which consists of the finest wool and mohair for the suits and light linens and cottons for the sport jackets. In keeping with the Lacroix tradition the lining is used as a contrast with the graphical “ligne claire” of the collection and are extravagant, printed silks are incorporate to add the “je ne sais quoi” one may expect from a Lacroix suit.

The Lacroix man is a traveler, he loves to give his French chic taste of style, a twist with a jumper inspired by an African batik or a pineapple printed shirt inspired by vintage Jamaican embroidery. He is not afraid to introduce colour or print into his wardrobe.

To accompany the spring/summer 2015 collection Lacroix is also launching to introduce a shoe and sneaker line.

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